A Year’s To-Do List

Every January waves of New Year’s resolution posts take over my various social media feeds. Over the years I’ve developed a bit of a tortured relationship with resolutions, They’ve become the good intentions that pave that famous road . . . you know the one.

A close friend told me she and her husband were each making “18 for 18” lists and that sounded interesting. Not resolutions per se, but more of eighteen things (big or small) you’d like to accomplish in 2018–which can range from reading all the books of a favorite author or climb Everest.

I thought it sounded great (and I still haven’t finished the last Harry Potter novel) so I started to make an 18-for-18 list of my own. It got out of hand pretty quickly and suddenly I was over the limit and overburdening myself. I scrapped that idea–oodles of good intentions, but I fear I they, too, would have ended up as paving stones

So this year, to avoid ending up in a not-so-happy place, I’ve decided to set my goals (definitely not resolutions) in a to-do list of a dozen goals I’d like to work on. Twelve gives me the opportunity to dedicate an entire month to a goal if I choose and still have plenty of time for the rest.

So here’s goal number one. Collect stamps—in my passport. A fresh, newly renewed passport has arrived and a February trip to Nicaragua counts as the first stamp in the new collection.


Stay tuned for more updates on the #2018ToDo!

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