2018 To Do: April

If I learned anything from my Unsettled trip in February, it’s that things aren’t usually as scary as they seem. And even when they are, once you’ve made it through you’re usually glad for it.

Now, in and of itself a Tough Mudder race is not scary per se. Intimidating, challenging, and possibly dangerous? Yes. Okay, so I guess it can be kinda scary. In the past I’ve considered and then quickly dismissed the idea of participating in a mud race. I just didn’t really see the point.

I mean, I’ll use a mud mask from from time to time, this is a bit much, wouldn’t you say?


Photo credit: Ruud Onos on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Yeah . . . definitely much.

But, potentially also fun. The last time I was this close to so much mud I was safely ensconced in the Jeep we were off-roading. Like this:

Can you see me in there? I may have actually been reading during this. Or knitting. Either way, you get the idea—I kept a zone of comfort between myself and the mud.

I know it can sound kind of cliche to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone, but maybe that’s because so many people just talk about it and don’t actually do it. Now I’ve never talked about doing a mud race. Never. Crossed. My. Mind. But now it sounds like a good idea.

[For those of you not familiar with a Tough Mudder race, simply put it’s a ten-mile race with obstacles, through mud. Lots of mud. Often people participate in teams and to a degree, finishing is winning.]

So what’s changed and why have I decided to participate (along with a friend from my Nicaragua trip) in a Tough Mudder this coming June? (Actually a five-mile Half Mudder—we’re not insane.) Well, in part I’d really like the physical challenge. And in part I just think an afternoon slogging through mud, over, under, and through obstacles would provide a lot of laughs.

It will definitely be challenging. It will more than likely be painful in some way. I think it will be a satisfying experience. But mainly, I expect it will be a great time.

Have you participated in a mud race? I’ll love your take, advice, and words of wisdom.


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