2018 To Do: July

This post is late in coming as I am literally halfway through an (almost) cross-country road trip as I write this.  I’ve always loved a road trip, which is odd because I have no fond family road-trip memories to speak of. In fact, my family never  took vacation road trips. Seriously, if it was more than three hours by car, my parents opted to fly. It’s important to note that both of my parents were born and raised in Italy, and Italians are simply not road-trippers.

Contrary to my family, however, I’ve taken all sorts of road trips: college break road trips, girlfriends road trips, couple road trips, and, most often, solo road trips (sometimes with dog). They were particularly fun before the luxuries of GPS, cell phones, and satellite radio. If you’ve never taken a road trip without those conveniences, try it sometime—seriously, it will be an interesting and enlightening journey.

So three days ago we set out on this cross-country road trip—well, not exactly sea-to-shining-sea cross the country, but Lexington,KY-to-Ruidoso, NM cross the country, which covers a vast swath of the country and 1,400 miles and five states, one way (the final route back is TBD). We is me, John, and Rufus (Basset Hound) and Truman (Jack Russell). I know—crazy, right? I prefer adventurous.

The destination is not random, of course. Friends of ours are getting married this evening (though the thunder/hail storm raging outside our Airbnb is a little threatening) and we thought we’d make a week of it. I’ll be posting a travel journal post next week,  In the meantime you can check in and view some  photos on my Instagram.

Have any great road trip stories or advice to share? Please comment below!

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