2018 To Do: September

Okay, okay . . . I am very late in posting this September installment of my 2018 To Do list. Does it help my case any that I’m late because I was so busy working on my “brainstorm” goal? Well . . . either way, my sincere apologies for the  posting lapse!

Now I know “brainstorm” might seem like an extraordinarily vague goal. I mean, technically I brainstorm all the time for all different reasons. My setting a goal to brainstorm actually has much more specific intentions. 

Running an editorial business I work with a variety of clients and the nature and content of the projects vary widely. To paraphrase some ancient wisdom, change is the only constant in my work life, and that keeps my creative energy flowing at a steady pace. I am always coming up with ideas for projects of my own or collaborations I would like to explore. However, before I can consult with anyone else or  take any deep dives into most of those ideas, work or life usually requires more attention.

 Life is flux (Panta rhei in Greek, meaning everything, all things, change). 

—Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500 BCE) 

So, I started September off by brainstorming with a friend about one idea that keeps returning to the forefront of my mind. My initial instincts had some merit it seems. At the end of a couple of sessions I had a written outline, a good starter plan, and a broader vision for potential growth.

While it’s important to set aside time to brainstorm on your own and work things out through your own process, it’s just as important to share your ideas. Two heads (or more) really are better than one in these cases. Brainstorming with a friend or colleague—especially someone with some experience in the subject matter—is vital.

While I can’t share my idea publicly yet, I’ll share my progress. Since that initial session in early September I’ve done more research, refined the idea, brainstormed with other colleagues, and made concrete steps (including securing a domain and hiring a designer) toward turning my idea into a reality.

It’s still in the initial stages, but I feel more confident at every step that it won’t be that long before I can share all the details with you. That progress feels immensely satisfying. 

What ideas do you have that you’ve been ignoring or that you don’t think are “good enough”? Take a chance and share them with a trusted friend, colleague, or mentor. You just might find yourself with your own new goals.


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