In the Kitchen: Migas

My first time eating Migas was only about a year ago. And even though I had no idea what a great plate of Migas tasted like, I know I hadn’t tasted the best. It’s amazing how many places overdo it when it comes to this simple dish.

That said, I knew that when I did taste a great order of Migas I would love it. Which was exactly the case when I finally had the read deal months later.

Personally, I think Migas is as close as you can get to a perfect dish. I could eat it every day, for any meal. So of course my next step would be to find a good recipe to recreate the deliciousness at home.

I tried several different versions including Gwyneth Paltrow’s from her cookbook It’s All Easy and Ree Drummond’s (aka the Pioneer Woman) from her first cookbook. Then I tried a slew of recipes from different cooking sites and I even tried a recipe on the package of corn tortillas I bought.

Ultimately, I liked the simplicity of Gwyneth’s recipe, which I tweaked a bit, adding chorizo (or diced seasoned mushrooms or crumbled tempeh for a non-meat option) . As quick and easy as it is I’m pretty sure it will become a regular on my house menu.

I’d love to hear your own recipe suggestions and variations, please feel free to share in the comments!

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this recipe.

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