2018 To Do: December

In my experience it’s not unusual for the last month of the year to pass in a blur. Between the gifts that I procrastinate buying, the cards I design but that never get printed (or worse–never mail out!), and the one-too-many holiday events, it’s New Year’s Eve before I’ve even had a chance to think about my goals for the coming year, let alone make any plans. And that is stressful.

This holiday season started off pretty much the same. But what was different was 2018 as a whole. And I was different, too.  In creating my 2018 To Do list I managed to work on a number of goals—both large and small—and in doing so I adopted some new, healthy and productive habits. Two that came in handy in December were patience and persistence.

So in the final month of the 2018, when holiday madness was coming at me from all directions I had a meaningful lesson reinforced: sometimes it is best to just keep going. The photo for this post is of me on my horse, My Violin, who . . . has opinions. She doesn’t always want to do what I want her to do. In those moments, it’s important to ride on. If we need to adjust a bit, we adjust. But we keep going. We ride through it. We ride on.

When you feel overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list and all your obligations, just keep going. When things aren’t going exactly as you planned, just keep going. Whether it’s the holiday season or just an average weekday, just ride on.

You’ll get there.

We do.

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