Cocktail Hour: Cold Comfort

Heated happy hours

If ever any of us needed a cocktail, any day since early 2020 would be reason enough. And since we are headed into a long, dark winter, happy hours the way we are used to them are no more–at least for now. Rather, they will likely be fewer and definitely be farther apart.

We’re going to need our nearest and dearest to get through potentially more tough times to come this winter. But unless you are share a home, outside really is the only safe place to gather in with our small and select Covid-19 bubble. I recommend talking with your tribe to designate a few among you as outdoor hosts. Make sure there are fire pits and/or outdoor heaters available if you live in a colder climate and, as my father would tell anyone while backseat driving them, keep your distance.

Now that the PSA has been delivered, I’m going to share a recipe for a cocktail that just tastes like fall. It’s become an autumn go-to over the last few years. It’s a bourbon and apple cider slushie created at Willa Jean in New Oreleans that has all the aroma and flavor of the season. (Think autumn leaves, apple picking, and a crackling fire.)

For those of you who prefer a zero-proof happy hour, there are several companies that offer alcohol-free spirits. I can personally recommend Ritual, which makes zero-proof spirits that provide all the flavor and none of the hangover.


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